Windows VPS hosting for professionals

The powerful solution with guaranteed resources, fast storage and unmetered bandwidth.
No undue restrictions or hidden fees.

10.00 / month

1 GB RAM 20 GB SSD Disk 1 Core Processor

Order Total price: €10.00
20.00 / month

2 GB RAM 40 GB SSD Disk 2 Core Processor

Order Total price: €20.00
40.00 / month

4 GB RAM 80 GB SSD Disk 2 Core Processor

Order Total price: €40.00
80.00 / month

8 GB RAM 160 GB SSD Disk 4 Core Processor

Order Total price: €80.00
Flexible prices. Discounts up to 20%
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Main features of Winwelt

Releases of Windows Server are available:
2003 R2, 2008 R2 & 2012 R2

Tier III+ Data-center

Global Switch Frankfurt - customized data centre of outstanding quality and reliability.

VPS configuration management

Specifications of your VPS can be requested at any time, simply ask for an individual configuration.

Tier-1 unmetered bandwidth

Your server's bandwidth intake will remain unmetered at all times. Channel capacity is 100Mb/s for each VPS.

Wide choice of Windows versions

Select from three versions of Windows Server (2003 R2, 2008 R2 & 2012 R2). All assemblies are updated regularly.

VPS Control Panel

Access to the VPS Manager, to reboot or reinstall your VPS, and access via VNC-console.

Microsoft Windows license included

We are the official SPLA partners to Microsoft. All listed prices include the appropriate Microsoft Windows license fee.